Version 0.7.35.alpha


  • When you start the game for the first time you will play through a couple of tutorial missions. These missions can be restarted in the settings menu. 

  • Select TRAINING for a single player duel against the deadly AI.

  • Select BATTLE mode for a player vs player (PVP duel). Or find someone to play on Discord.

  • Select COLLECTION to browse through your cards, create/edit decks, buy card packs and recycle and/or create new cards.

  • Select MISSIONS to view your available daily missions and rank. Missions can be finished in BATTLE and TRAINING mode.

  • Use the Online Players list (Alpha only feature) to see who is online and challenge other testers. 



  • Select either one of the default decks or one of your custom decks.

  • Victory condition of the game is to destroy the Headquarters (HQ) of the enemy (your opponent). Headquarters in current decks are: Alexandria, Tripoly, Stalingrad, Cherbourg and Hsingking.

  • There are currently 3 types of cards available

    • Headquarters (HQ), 1 x in each deck and automatically played into the battlefield when the game begins.​

    • Military units (played onto the board to be used to attack/defend with.

    • Orders (one time effect cards that disappear after being played).

  • The Board is referred to as Battlefield.

  • Your Deck is in the lower right corner and has 40 cards in it when the game begins.

  • Your Kredit (ingame currency) status is shown in the lower left corner. You get 1 kredit during your first turn, 2 in the second etc.

  • It costs Kredits to Deploy units, give Orders and to Operate (move or attack with) units on the battlefield. The cost of playing a card from hand is shown in the upper left corner of the card when in hand. Once the card is on the table (in the Battlefield), the operation cost is shown in the same place.

  • The cards you can afford to play or operate at any given time are shown with a yellow Kredit marker instead of white. 

  • When you can not afford to do anything more during your turn (or you chose to do nothing), push the END TURN button.




  • Generally units may not move or attack the same turn as they are played (exception if they have the Blitz ability). Regular ground units such as tanks and infantry, can attack enemies in the next front but other units such as aircraft and artillery, have ranged attack and can attack any target in the battlefield. 

  • Units have the following attributes:

    • Attack - Damage they do when they attack/defend.
    • Defense - Hit points.
    • Type​ - Unit types listed below:
      • Infantry - Basic ground unit.
      • Tank - Can move and attack during the same turn.
      • Tank destroyer - Deals double damage against armor (tanks and tank destroyers. 
      • Anti-tank gun - Auto-fires at tanks that attack friendly units in same front (Supply line or Frontline).
      • Anti-aircraft gun - Auto-fires at aircraft that attack friendly units in same front. 
      • Artillery - Has ranged attack and is not dealt damage in return when it attacks.

      • Fighter - Has ranged attack. Defends the front it is located within from enemy aircraft attacks.

      • Bomber - Has ranged attack and is not dealt damage in return when it attacks. Is considered to be on ground and does not defend when attacked.

  • Special abilities

    • Blitz (Can move/attack the same turn as it is played)​​.

    • Ambush (When attacked the unit deals damage first and if that damage is enough to destroy the enemy unit, it is dealt no damage in return).

    • Heavy Armor (Only receives damage over X)

    • Smokescreen (Can only be attacked after it first moves/attacks)

    • Deployment (does something when deployed)

    • Guard (protects adjacent targets from direct attacks from ground units)

    • Fury (Unit can attack twice each turn)

  • ​​Your units are generally deployed (played out) into your Support line (the line of cards next to your hand).

  • Units can then be moved into the Frontline (the line of cards in the middle of the board) if your enemy does not control it.

  • Regular ground units must be in the Frontline to be able to attack the HQ of the (or other enemy units in the enemy support line).


  • Special unit states

    • Guarded by an adjacent unit with the Guard ability.

    • Pinned and misses its next attack/movement.

    • Has passive ability or trigger such as giving bonus to other units or having plus attack against certain unit type. 



  • Toggle view history on/off by clicking icon on upper left side of the battlefield. While you are new to the game it is highly recommended to keep the history visible. 

  • Recent game history can be viewed by hovering the card tokens at the left side of the board.



  • When you have won or lost a game, collect your rewards and click your way back to the main menu for a new game.



  • Browse your cards collection

  • ​Filter view by nation or type​

  • Create new cards with your resources


  • The default decks are of single nation and contain 30 cards. They cannot be edited. ​

  • Custom decks must contain 40 cards minimum and contain a major power and ally

    • You can have as many cards as you want of the major power.

    • You can have maximum 12 cards of the ally nation. ​

  • Card rarity dictates how many cards you can have of a specific card in a deck: 

    • Standard = 4 ​

    • Limited = 3

    • Special = 2

    • Elite = 1


  • After you have tried out the game, please take the time to tell us about your experience, bugs you have encountered or some great new features you would like to see. Do so in the bugs_and_feedback channel in the Kards Discord Server.